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March 19, 2022
Health Nugget

Let's March Healthy 4 Christ!

“If we plan wisely, that which is most conducive to health can be secured in almost every land…rice, wheat, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables…gives us choices to select a complete diet without the use of flesh-meat.” -The Ministry of Healing pg. 299.

As we continue marching “Healthy 4 Christ”, today we will learn about a type of food great for the blood. Because taking good care of our health is an expression of our witnessing to others around us.


Lentils: Food for the Blood

Have you ever wondered what was so great about lentils that Esau was willing to sell his birthright for a bowl of these legumes? Lentils are an extraordinary source of iron, energy and fiber. In fact, 100g of lentils provide 28g of protein, 9mg of iron, and 30g of fiber. This is more than half of our recommended dietary allowance. Because of this, the consumption of these legumes has many health-improving effects on conditions such as:

  • Anemia, not only due to their high iron content but also because of the significant amounts of nutrients it provides, such as folate which helps in the production of red blood cells.

  • Diabetes, despite their carbohydrate content, lentils do not trigger an abrupt increase in blood sugar levels.

  • Elevated cholesterol and constipation, due to the high fiber content, lentils encourage peristalsis, gathering cholesterol from other foods, which are the key materials for synthesis in the body.


Studies have shown that the consumption of lentil sprouts in combination with other functional foods, as a nutritional intervention and with common medical treatment, may be an important strategy in managing cardiovascular risk factors and type 2 diabetes.*  Make the choice to try a delicious and nutritional bowl of lentils! -

* Aslani, Zahra et al. “Lentil Sprouts Effect On Serum Lipids of Overweight and Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.” Health promotion perspectives vol. 5,3 215-24. 25 Oct. 2015, doi:10.15171/hpp.2015.026

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